• We have decades of on-the-ground experience in Asia and Africa. Our presence in the field has allowed us to build personal relationships with local, national, regional, and international officials and regional leaders.

  • Our team has unparalleled knowledge of the regions where we work and the social, cultural, economic, and legal challenges facing governments and businesses interested in natural resource and infrastructure development.

  • At AAPG, we look deeper. Barriers to foreign investment can range from inadequate legal systems to armed conflict. We have the in-depth political, social, and cultural understanding needed to create sustainable arrangements for development, production, and distribution of resources.

  • Sustainable economic development requires exploration, production, and distribution arrangements that benefit those living in resource-rich areas as well as international investors and consumers. Asia-Africa Projects Group has the insight, expertise, and experience needed to overcome barriers to resource development in the most challenging locations in Asia and Africa.

Asia-Africa Projects Group

Access. Influence. Your world.

Asia-Africa Projects Group LLC (AAPG) is a specialized advisory services firm with the insight, expertise, and experience to help our clients succeed in the most challenging commercial environments.

We at AAPG view adversity as opportunity. Leveraging the skills, experience, and knowledge of our leadership and staff—along with an unparalleled understanding of Asia’s and Africa’s unique risk landscapes—AAPG provides comprehensive risk management strategies that balance security concerns with financial considerations, striving to help our clients reach their goals.

AAPG’s executives have deep ties and seasoned insight into the governments and business communities in many Asian, Middle Eastern, and African countries.  Using our unique background and approach, we connect our clients with projects and partners in these dynamic and important markets.

If you would like to begin a confidential dialogue on managing the risk of doing business in any of our Asian or African markets, please contact AAPG’s Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs, Mark Provost, at [email protected] or (202) 223-7971.